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The Expact Cast

Expatious, born out of the passion to meet new people, to learn about exciting places and to be active in the environment we live in. In other words: how to live the good life.

Who wouldn’t want to know where to find that particular restaurant with that magnificent view over Lake Geneva or more practical matters like where to find that English speaking doctor, or where to find the best school for the children.

So make it easy to yourself while looking for information, or help others to find their way in Switzerland by sharing experiences and by posting tips and questions. Because, who else can better inform you then a like-minded person.

This site gives you the possibility to get involved in the local culture, explore your new environment and make new friends. It takes you less than a minute to become a member. Why not become one right away. ;D


A lot of people live or decide to live in Switzerland.  Some live here for a long period and others for a shorter period. But for those of them who want to make their stay an unforgettable experience, we created this site.

So, how does it work?  How do you create that unforgettable experience? What are the basics to be happy in Switzerland? We thought about the things in life that gave us the most pleasure, realizing that actually living in Switzerland is a different feeling then being there on holiday. More effort needs to be made. We came up with a small list of 5 items. If you master these, you laugh and life will laugh with you.

  • Make friends
  • Give your stay a purpose
  • Explore your new world
  • Get involved in the local culture
  • Learn the local language

To succeed in mastering the above it helps if you already have a job that you like, and that you are surrounded by great colleagues. If you are less fortunate, and came here for some other reason it is important to find a purpose in life. It could be volunteering, following a language course or something totally different.  Find friends with similar interest through local clubs and get involved in local culture. Explore your new world. Make small trips during the weekends. Invite your neighbors for an apéro.

As you probably will understand, this site cannot make all the above happen for you right away. But what it can do is create a platform for people who want to share their experiences with others, who are willing to give tips, and who want to help people to find their way in Switzerland. Or even better; it helps you to find new friends to experience the new world together.

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