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Advertising Packages Expatious – Your Expat Community Forum

The Expatious Forums is a high growth community forum for Swiss expats served pages. We offer  to you an excellent opportunity to place your ads in front of all these Expatious enthusiasts for a fraction of the price of print advertising.

The Expatious Forums were founded in 2010 and we have grown at an astounding rate over the past year. The majority of our membership is here to ask and share information about housing, leisure, banking, holidays and other aspects of making live as an expat in Switzerland better. With tons of expat related information and helpful members and staff in the forums, each member can always find an answer to their question, the part they need in the classifieds, or just hang out in the lounge with other like-minded ‘Expatious people’.

Why You Should Advertise with Us Instead of ….

No question about it, we are the Internet’s fastest-growing Swiss Expat site and we have spent a lot of time focusing on SEO (search engine optimization), which means we simply out-rank most of the competition on many popular search phrases and terms relating to Expat  matters. These phrases are link to pages on our site your ad could be displaying on. In fact, over 45% of our daily visitors come from search engines and we won’t dissapoint you or your ad campaign. Our advertising rates are priced much better than print media and our members are all Swiss Expatious enthusiasts, so placing your ads on this site will directly target your audience.

2013 Packages and Pricing

1. Exclusive Sponsoring Package (NEW)

  • All ads are served in the header of every page on the site
  • Ads will be visible within the forum pages
  • A reference to your gold membership will be visible at the footer of each page
  • Your company will be given an account allowing you to promote your products and services within the forum, only if they relate to the post (so no spamming or off-topic posting)
  • Vendor access is included with all ad campaigns, for the same duration as the campaign

Price: 999 CHF per month

2. Selective Sponsoring Packages *

  • Exclusive Front Page sponsoring: 299 CHF per month
  • Exclusive Forum Page sponsoring: 79 CHF per month
  • Footer sponsor reference: 79 CHF per month
  • Vendor Forum Access to place adds: 50 CHF per month

* Note: only available if there is no exclusive sponsorship campaign running (you can be placed in the cue on request)

Ready to Start?

If you need more information before you consider advertising with us, please contact us at “advertising@expatious.com” with any questions you may have. We’ll respond ASAP, usually in just a few hours.

We will supply you with an address where you can send your ad artwork. We will then place your image on the site for a maximum of 24 hours, awaiting your approval. Upon receipt of your approval, we will send you an invoice for your ad. Upon confirmation of payment, we will add your company’s link to the ad image, we will open your company’s dedicated forum and we will grant vendor access to your forum account.

We look forward to developing a long-term partnership with your company, as we help drive traffic to your Web site.

The Fine Print

  • Prices are in effect from 1 July 2013 until further notice
  • Ad campaign pricing will be reviewed every April and changes will be posted end of April so you can determine your marketing strategies
  • All campaign payments are due a week ahead of the advertising starting date
  • Payments not made on time will result in the immediate removal of all ad images, the sponsor forum and vendor access. NO exceptions! If there is a waiting list for the campaign, the campaign will be sold to the next company in the queue.
  • Payments must be made by PayPal. We accept other methods of payment after review.
  • All ad images must be “work safe”. We will NOT allow banners of bikini-clad ‘models’ (unless relevant to Swiss Expats).
  • We reserve the right to terminate any campaign early for any reason. A pro-rated refund will be given if this happens
  • Sponsors MUST maintain a good reputation on the forums. If the membership starts complaining about a sponsor being a ‘scam’, the sponsor’s campaign will come to an end.
  • Any links to landing pages containing spyware, malware, or anything else of this nature will result in immediate termination of the campaign
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