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Thread: Help!! Work-life balance

  • Date: 13-03-2014
    Lorenza Joined :March 13, 2014 Replies :0

    Help!! Work-life balance

    Good afternoon,

    I’m Lorenza Vassalli, a master’s student at University of Fribourg. I’m currently writing my master thesis on the topic of the international mobility of single women and especially on the issue of work-life balance.

    All the existing studies focus on the balance between professional and family life but there are very few studies that consider the fact that, also single women (without children or partner and thus no family issues) could have concerns in balancing work and others important aspects of their life such as interests, hobbies, leisure time,…

    For this reason, I’m searching some single women expatriates located in the French part of Switzerland that are willing to help me for my thesis with a short and informal interview (the answers will be treated in a confidential and anonymous way). If you are interested, please contact me!

    I’ll meet you at your company (or where it is convenient for you), probably during May/June, and I’ll not take too much of your precious time (about 30 minutes).

    Your help is very important to my work and I really hope that you’re willing to provide me some important information for my analysis.


    If you want to help me, please contact me at: lorenza.vassalli@unifr.ch


    Thank you very much; I hope to receive many replies from you!


    Lorenza Vassalli

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