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Residence Permits In Switzerland

Residence Permits In Switzerland

A residence permit is required for non-Swiss citizens or foreigners if they want to stay more than 3 months in Switzerland. Tourist visa allows you to stay in Switzerland for only three months. There are different ways to obtain a residence permit and there are various types of permits. The type of permit you need will depend on the purpose of your stay in Switzerland.

The first type of permit is the Permit G. This permit is given to foreign workers who live near the border of Switzerland. This permit allows foreign workers to live and work in the country. This permit also allows foreign workers to own shares or real estate of the country.

The second type of permit is the Permit L. This permit enables foreigners to live and work in Switzerland for a short period of time. The maximum duration for this type of permit is 364 days. During the stay in Switzerland, foreigners are required to notify the necessary authorities if ever they change their employer or profession, their name and address within 8 days. The duration of the permit may be equal to the working permit of the foreigner.

Another type of permit is called the Permit B. This is the easiest permit to obtain. This is the type of permit given to most of the foreigners acquiring a residence permit. The condition to obtain this type of permit is if the foreigner is working in the country and if the foreigner is really going to live in Switzerland for a sufficient duration of time within a year. This is a yearly permit given to foreigners.

Lastly, Permit C is the last permit given to foreigners in order to access or enjoy all the benefits of a regular Swiss citizen. It offers almost the same rights to foreigners equal to that of a Swiss citizen especially on investments and real estates. This type of permit will be release upon living in Switzerland for 5/10 years in Switzerland.

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  • Risto

    Where do start for asking about this visas and what are the steps required for getting the visa? Do we have to find a job first or how to explain the authorities about the visa asking. Thank you for any question answered

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